cGMP Air and Gas Analysis

ECA is one of very few laboratories in the US with the capabilities and expertise to perform air and gas analysis for FDA regulated institutions under strict GMP/GLP quality assurance. We offer complete monograph testing of the following:

USP Medical Air
USP Carbon Dioxide
NF Nitrogen
EP Nitrogen

USP Sulfur Dioxide
USP Propane
USP Ethylene Oxide

These gases can be sampled and transported in Tedlar bags, stainless steel cylinders, or SUMMA canisters. Stainless steel cylinders are the most common sampling containers used. These can be usually be filled at laboratory supply pressures, shipped, and analyzed for monograph testing. In some cases, multiple cylinders may be required to complete all tests. Please contact us for advice on choice of sampling containers and proper procedures for sampling, we are glad to help!

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Canister Cleaning and Certification Services