Product Deformulation

Product deformulation involves the complete chemical analysis of solutions, powders, and materials to determine the identity and quantity of their constituent parts. Expert Chemical Analysis has the skills, experience, and equipment to provide complete deformulation of consumer products, industrial products, materials, polymers, and unknown substances. ECA has the following instrumentation capabilities to help us separate, identify, and quantify unknown formulations: SEM/EDXS, FTIR, GC-MS, GC-FID, ICP-AES Elemental Scan, and HPLC. In some cases, we will apply other testing procedures as required to solve complex deformulation problems.

ECA has experience deformulating lubricants, detergents, solvent mixtures, surfactant-based products, paints and coatings, cleaning solutions, car care products, pool and spa treatments, cosmetics (including creams, shampoos, sun-screens), herbal supplements, vitamin supplements, soft drinks, polymers, water treatment chemicals, and many other product types. These services are performed for patent law firms, entrepreneurs, insurance firms, manufacturing firms, R & D firms, environmental consultants, and curious individuals. In many cases a deformulation is required to determine the presence of batch to batch irregularities that are causing catastrophic problems for manufacturing firms. Some formulations are very difficult or next to impossible to deformulate whereas others are relatively simple. The number and type of ingredients in the formulation will dictate the ease or difficulty of de-formulation. We offer our clients a confidentiality agreement and quotation before work can commence.

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