Industrial Testing Services

Expert chemical Analysis offers numerous services to our industrial clients. We have customers in many different industry types. We help clients in the area of integrated circuit manufacturing with unknown impurity identification, failure analysis, materials analysis, and trapped gas analysis. We work with metal plating clients to analyze their plating solutions and waste solutions. We work with supplement manufacturers to develop methods of analysis for new and unusual nutraceutical compounds to verify their identity, purity, and potency. Water treatment membrane manufacturers require analysis of wastewater, polymer solutions, and solvent purity. At ECA, we have the experience and expertise to apply our extensive array of analytical techniques to many different types of industrial problems. Chemical testing usually involves the simple analysis to prove identity or purity of known compounds. Sometimes our customers need to know the exact concentration of a mixture of different solvents. Unknown identification involves determining the best analytical procedure to provide the identity of a given substance. Unknown identification is least costly when there is background information provided as clues to the identity. In many cases, however, no clues are required to provide a positive identification. Deformulation analysis involves the complete analysis of the components of a product and the production of a list of ingredients and their percentages as the final report. Product comparison involves testing the important chemical characteristics of two products for the purpose of comparing their potential effectiveness or to help produce a better imitation product. Materials analysis involves the analysis of ceramics, polymers, or metal alloys for their total composition of impurities. We also perform some custom formulations, usually on products that were deformulated in our facility. Our clients often want to make a product similar to a particular product with enough modifications to allow them to have the product patented. We also offer Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) preparation services and we can usually provide all of the necessary testing for the data on the MSDS in our laboratory. Industrial hygiene air testing is an area that we are very proficient. We have performed many of the procedures for the analysis of toxic compounds in air from the NIOSH manual of analytical methods. We also have performed many OSHA testing methodologies. We also perform many of the EPA methods for toxic organic compounds in air (TO-methods) and indoor pollutants (IP-methods) as seen in the Industrial Hygiene Air Testing link.