Microbiological Testing Services

ECA offers the following microbological testing services:

  • Standard Plate Count (Aerobic Plate Count)
  • Anaerobic Plate Count
  • Total Heterotrophic Plate Count
  • Microbial Limits Testing
  • Salmonella
  • Staph. Aureus
  • P. Aerugenosa
  • Yeast and Mold
  • Total Coliform
  • Fecal Coliform
  • E. Coli
  • Sterility Testing
  • Preservative Efficacy
  • Antibiotic Efficacy (USP, EP, BP, JP)
  • Disinfection Efficacy

ECA can help with the simplest to the most sophisticated microbiological tests. We have much experience with non-routine microbiological.

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