Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Services

Compendial Testing Services  (USP/NF, PhEur, JP, ACS, AOAC, FCC)

Specialty Testing Services

Unknown Identification

Material and Polymer Analysis

cGMP Air and Gas Analysis

ECA provides a variety of services to our Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Diagnostic Kit Manufacturers and Biotechnology clients. ECA provides services from standard compendial testing of raw materials or finished products to complex method development and validation projects. ECA also will help with product deformulation and failure analysis studies. With its extensive equipment capabilities and experience, ECA can tackle even the most difficult analytical testing requests. ECA offers standard 5 to 7 business day turnaround for standard testing services and simplified customer to scientist communication to expedite your projects. We have developed and validated special tests for Organic Volatile Impurity analysis using GC-MS for the trace analysis of residual solvents in drug intermediates and finished products. Using a mass spectrometer detector in the selected-ion-monitoring (SIM) mode, we can provide detection limits in sub parts per billion levels in some cases for volatile impurity testing on 5mg sample sizes. ECA also offers material and polymer identification and analysis services. Employing a combination of FTIR, ICP, SEM-EDX, and GC-MS technologies, ECA's experienced staff can identify and quantify many unknown substances. USP/NF gas analysis and certification testing is also offered by ECA. ECA is one of only a few laboratories in the US that offers GMP gas analysis services. Please visit the pages above for your specific testing needs.

Note: ECA offers sample pickup free of charge in the local north county San Diego area