Specialty Testing

Expert Chemical Analysis has performed many specialty/non-Routine testing procedures for our Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Clients throughout the years. From analysis of osmium tetraoxide in a fume hood in a local laboratory, to the identification of unknown solvents absorbed into plastic drains of laboratory sinks. We apply our problem-solving skills and experience to devise the most appropriate testing methodology for non-routine specialty analyses to save our clients time and money.

The best way to describe the types of analysis we perform is to provide you with a sampling of some of our projects:

Specialty Testing/Sampling of Projects

  1. Residual formaldehyde in latex gloves
  2. Butadiene and acrolein in air samples with ppb level detection
  3. Cadmium in urine samples at 1 ppb
  4. Analysis of herbal extracts for DDE and Dieldrin at ppb levels.
  5. N-methyl pyrrolidinone in air
  6. Deformulation of biological buffer solutions/Failure Analysis
  7. Analysis of dimethylformamide in peptide samples at ppm levels on 20 mg samples.
  8. Analysis of natural versus synthetic vitamin E using gas chromatography.
  9. pKa determination on 10mg samples of pharmaceutical samples.
  10. Germanium sesquioxide quantitation by HPLC.
  11. Analysis of ammonia in drug solutions at ppm levels on 100 uL samples.
  12. Determination of nickel dust in pharmaceutical manufacturing site on wipe samples.

The above listed projects are just a few of the many different types of specialty/non-routine analyses that we have performed. Please let us know through email of your specific specialty analysis needs and we will put our scientists to work for you.