Unknown Identification

Unknown identification is certainly one of our specialties. The identification of unknown compounds requires an excellent understanding of analytical chemistry, expertise in the development of methods and operation of analytical equipment, and a wide variety of instrumentation at your disposal. All of these requirements are met at ECA.

The following is a general protocol for the assessment and analysis of unknown compounds received at our laboratory:

  1. Visual analysis using light microscopy, if necessary, to determine if unknown is homogeneous or heterogeneous.
  2. Wet chemical or physical testing to determine organic versus inorganic composition.
  3. FTIR testing or GC-MS for organic analysis and ICP, or SEM/EDXS for inorganic samples.

We will usually provide a fixed quotation after an initial examination of the sample and/or assessment of all information provided. We do request that our customers provide as much information as possible regarding the sample, as this will reduce the costs of analysis. Please contact us regarding your unknown.